You've Mastered POWERBUILDER

You've Mastered POWERBUILDER

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1. Original HP 9190A Scanner - I've Tried Everything, It Just Won't Work!!!

A friend just gave me his HP 9190A Scanner.  I've tried almost everything
short of opening the thing up.
Here is what I have done so far (in order):

-Installed the Card (HP C2502-66500) and plugged everything in
-Used the oldest Drivers I could find on the HP Web site and put the
following in CONFIG.SYS

    I get the following Responses back:

    "PATH 0 is a V1.6 SDMS (TM) BIOS with Image 0800:0000 IRQ=00 DMA=No"

    "*** Installation of HP Scanner Driver ABORTED! ***"

-I then added /INT=5, and the same message appeared, only with IRQ=05, so I
then tried 3,4,7, and 9,  Same results, only with diffrent IRQ Values

-I then started fiddling with diffrent combinations of /SETADDR, /INT, /LOCK
and /DMA, but no success

-Tried using the jumper on it (if it even is a jumper) - has 3 pins with a
one marked next to it

-I tried the Windows 98 Scanner card driver, still didn't work

-I tried different drivers, including sjdvrx.sys, sjii.sys, etc.  Nothing

-Looked all over the HP Web site for answers, and It's like the scanner
never existed.

-Looked on DejaNews, and there was a response there in some Foreign

-Found other people asking questions using the different search engines,.and
most of them don't even have responses, or their answers just point them
back to the useless HP site.

and finally
- Tried the card & scanner in a different computer, same results.

So here are my questions:
-Did Hewlett-Packard just leave the 9190A users out in the cold?
-am I using the correct card/scanner Combination (9190A with HP C2502-66500)
-am I using the correct drivers?
-can it be used with Windows 98?

I would really appreciate the help.
It would really help too if someone uploaded the Original Driver Disk(s) for
the 9190A (looked already, can't find them).

(if it's not too big, E-mail the driver disk files also...)

Thank you very much in advance..

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