Drop Down Data Window Arrows

Drop Down Data Window Arrows

Post by ba » Wed, 13 Sep 1995 04:00:00

I am developing an application using dddw's and need to have the arrow
displayed all the time.  So far I have found out that checking the box in dddw
edit style gives me arrows on the on each item in the drop down.  Otherwise if
I leave out arrow the user doesn't know that the field is a clickable dddw.  
Is it proper to reference the current data window in your dddw edit style
dialgoue?  I have engineered some kludges to include using 90% of the dddw or
using an extra data window to be reference in the edit style dialogue.  Thanks
for all responses in advance.

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Here's a good one.

We have an application that runs on several PCs.  On some of them
the drop down list box appears half off and half on the screen.  On
other PCs, something detects that the drop down list box would drop
down off screen, so it drops it in another direction.

Why?  How do I get it to redirect on every PC?

Many thanks,

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