Faxline 2366 code: scroll by row in group dw

Faxline 2366 code: scroll by row in group dw

Post by use.. » Wed, 31 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Hi,  I've got several grouped table reports.  I want to allow
users to scroll down a single line.  If they want to view a complete
group of data and the next line is off the screen, the users *simply*
want to scroll down 1-line!  However scroll actions perform a nextpage
action.  Implementing code for the Other Event per FaxLine 2366 (shown
below) had the following results:  when users press Up/Down arrows or
selecting vscrollbar, the report just sits there until they have
accumulated enough scrolls to force a nextpage action.  Then the screen
scrolls a whole page again. It is as if the ScrollToRow() is being
executed but does not actually cause the report to scroll up until a
pagebreak is crossed.  Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Bob E.
P.S. Solutions will be likely shared with the Dayton PB Users Group
on 2/6 meeting a Sinclair Community College.

//OTHER Event Script for the DataWindow Control using Grouped Tabular
integer li_wordparm
li_wordparm = Message.WordParm

if Message.Number = 277 then

   if li_wordparm = 1 or li_wordparm = 3 then

         // Capture the Line Down and Page Down event
         // Scroll to the next line and set focus to that row

         dw_1.ScrollToRow( dw_1.GetRow() + 1)

   elseif li_wordparm = 0 or li_wordparm = 2 then

         // Capture the Line Up and Page Up event
         // Scroll to line before the current row and set focus to that

         dw_1.ScrollToRow(dw_1.GetRow() - 1)

        end if

        // Prevent the normal dw scrolling behavior
end if