PowerBuilder Job Opening: Minneapolis and Orlando

PowerBuilder Job Opening: Minneapolis and Orlando

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                 PowerCerv Client-Server R&D Laboratory
                       Employment Opportunities

PowerCerv is the leading focused provider of PowerBuilder-centered products,
services, and training.  The Minneapolis-based PowerCerv R&D Lab develops
high-performance tools for client-server developers using PowerBuilder.  Our
products include:

PowerTOOL, the award-winning PowerBuilder object class library.
PADLock, a context sensitive client side object level security package for
FLOWBuilder, a revolutionary new workflow and process engineering development
        platform for PowerBuilder.

We also have ongoing R&D projects in application deployment, multi-tier
computing, and Intenet enablement.  

If you are one of the top PowerBuilder developers, we want to hear from you.  
We offer a very competitive package of salary and benefits, including profit
sharing.  We are currently seeking applicants for the following position:

Software Engineer.  Create, enhance, and extend existing and new tools products
        for the PowerBuilder arena.  We are seeking to enhance an already
        diverse group of developers with a variety of specialties, including
        PowerBuilder, C/C++, GUI design, Windows SDK, Macintosh, Unix, and
        DBMS expertise.

Opportunities are available in our Minneapolis R&D Lab and our satellite
facility in Orlando, FL.  For more information, forward your resume to, or

                          Don Funk or Corey Trast
                           PowerCerv Corporation
                      Two Appletree Square, Suite 200
                           Minneapolis, MN  55425
                          612 / 854 - 2110 (Voice)
                          612 / 854 - 2510 (FAX)


PowerCerv                             http://www.powercerv.com/~raz/
Two AppleTree Square, Suite 200
8011 34th Avenue South                (612) 854-2110
Minneapolis, MN 55425                 (612) 854-2510 FAX


1. Job Opening in Orlando: Production Assistant and Macintosh Expert

Come to Florida (or if you're already here, then stay) and work for one of
Central Florida's largest advertising agencies. Located in the Orlando
area since 1980, First Marketing Group is a full-service agency,
specializing in the hospitality and real estate industries.

First Marketing Group has an immediate opening in our eight-person art
department for someone who is a Macintosh and pre-press production wizard.

Qualified applicants should have:

Extensive experience in the Macintosh environment and several years of
working knowledge of Quark XPress, Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand,
Adobe Photoshop. Ability to perform software and hardware upgrades and
resolve system and user conflicts.

Familiarity with prepress work for the offset printing process--including
color trapping in Quark, Illustrator and Freehand, dot gain adjustment and
color correction in Photoshop.

Experience in maintaining and problem solving for a multi-platform Local
Area Network which currently includes 11 Macs, a file server running
Novell NetWare 4.0, several printers and scanners and a whole bunch of
other peripherals.

Experience with Macintosh scripting and programming, including AppleScript
and Frontier.

Familarity with the Internet and use of WWW browsers, email applications,
such as Eudora Pro, and other networking tools.

It would also a serious plus if the applicant has both the ability to work
and eat well with others and the possession of a large, eclectic CD music
collection. :-)

Interested parties should send resume, references, salary requirements and
samples of work and anything else that can demonstrate your talents or
otherwise amaze us.

Replies by mail or fax, or call if you have any questions:
Lance Turner
First Marketing Group
1053 Maitland Center Commons
Maitland, FL 32789
voice:  407 875-1770
fax:  407 875-1580

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