PB Enterprise vs. Oracle Developer/2000

PB Enterprise vs. Oracle Developer/2000

Post by Dave Ada » Wed, 25 Oct 1995 04:00:00

As others have posted, I am also interested in opinions from people who are familiar
with both products.  I am particularly interested in newspaper and magazine
articles which may have covered this subject and done comparisons.



1. Please Offer Opinions: PB Enterprise or Oracle Developer/2000

My company needs to decide which c/s development tool is best -- Power
Builder Enterprise or Oracle Dev. /2000.  We are using Oracle 7.1.4 on
SCO UNIX and will be developing some very complex c/s systems (we are
converting from the mainframe).  

Your opinions on any and all aspects of these tools are very valued and
appreciated.  Please feel free to respond via e-mail, if you wish.

Thank You.


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