What are needed on client side to run a PB/oracle executable?

What are needed on client side to run a PB/oracle executable?

Post by Jonq-Ru Tze » Sun, 04 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Can someone tell me what Oracle files are needed to let a PB excutable
file run on the client side?   At this time we just include the whole
ORAWIN\BIN in the search path and have a oracle.ini file in windows\
directory.   Any suggestions?   Thanks in advance.   -- Jon T.


1. executable runs, but can't run from PB

We have been experiensing some rather strange behavior from version 3.0a lately, and I was wondering whether anybody else had been through the same and could offer some advice.

PB will let me create new PBD's and a new EXE, and these will run fine. However, running the same program from within PB is impossible unless I use the debugger.

It is driving us nuts, because we have no idea what the reason might be.
The code that crashes when trying to run from within PB is in the application open script and performs a DB disconnect and connect. (We _do_ have a reason for doing this, so it isn't just a matter of deleting those two lines :-)

However, to make me even more confused, if I select the database profile before trying to run from within, everything works fine. But since this information is stored in the INI file it should not be nescessary.

I know about the bug that causes PB to screw up if you change the order of inclusion of PBLs, but I have not even added any since it used to run fine (the day before it started behaving strangely).

ANY suggestions will be very much appreciated.

(And actually it would be nice if someone would post a receipt that they read this. I tried posting yesterday too, but there were no responses, so I assume nobody saw it.)
Kjetil Kilhavn

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