C API for building PBDs?

C API for building PBDs?

Post by Kenneth H » Wed, 07 Feb 1996 04:00:00


I am studied to ORCA Powerbuilder API but I still cannot find
the C API to build Powerbuilder Dynamic Library (PBD). So I want
to know whether it is possible to build PBD programatically.

Thank you for your attention. Please answer me via email cuz I
am not logging in often.



1. Any C API for building PBD?


I have studied the PBORCA documentation/header file and I find that I still cannot
build PowerBuilder PBD using these API. So is there any way to do it or it is just

Thanks for your attention.

Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Co., Ltd.

PS: Any reply please mail to me because I am not reading news often.

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