Req: Transfer of data from External dw to Main dw.

Req: Transfer of data from External dw to Main dw.

Post by Andrew Star » Sat, 29 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I am looking for any information about how to
get data from an External DataWindow in my Main

Please respond with e-mail to

Thanks in advance,



1. Drop Down (child DW) and external DW

I am using a dropdown datawindow with in a datawindow. I have
following code in the window. The dropdown datawindow takes
one argument as parameter.

long ll_type
DataWindowChild dwc_child

// retrieve the dropdown datawindow
dw_base.GetChild ( "type", dwc_child )
dwc_child.SetTransObject ( SQLCA )
dwc_child.Retrieve ( ll_type )

insertrow(dw_base, 0)

I use the same dropdown datawindow at many places only in some
cases this pops up a window prompting for retrieval arguments.
Why does it act differrently in each case? I verified that all
my column names match as well as the arguments also match

Thanks for any info

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