Help - Can't get Drop Down Data Window (DDDW) to work w/Sybase

Help - Can't get Drop Down Data Window (DDDW) to work w/Sybase

Post by Terry L » Mon, 11 Sep 1995 04:00:00

I'm having great difficulty getting my DDDW's to work in PB 4.0 & Sybase.  

For Some reason, I am unable to get the "drop down part" to work.  When I
click on the down arrow, nothing happens.  In fact, if I click on any other
field on the window, nothing happens.  When I use these same tables w/Watcom
DB, they work as expected....I can hit the arrow key & my list of items is

I am using PowerCerv's PowerTool.  I have tested using inherited and
non-inherited windows (from PowerTool) when connecting to Watcom's DB &
Sybase and the problem only exists when connecting to Sybase.

Config:  Sybase running on Novell (VLM's), Windows 3.1, PB 4.0, 16MB RAM &
PowerCerv's PowerTool.

Any help is greatly appreciated as this is critical.  Thanks in advance.

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1. dddw won't drop down

I wonder if someone might be able to help me with a dddw tha won't drop.
This is a new app I'm writing in PB4, to which I just upgraded.

The opening window is w_tasks, a window containing 5 buttons - a kind of
'menu' of tasks.  The user clicks one, depending on what task he wants to
perform. Clicking the button in question opens a different window
with the "Open(w_maint)" command (that's the only code behind the button).

w_maint contains a datawindow control (dw_dropdown) using a datawindow
(d_company) based on a 2-column table.  Column A (division) has an edit
of dddw, column B (name) is just 'edit' style.  In the 'DDDW Edit Style'
for division, I have the following:

   Data Window:    d_company         V Scroll Bar is the only option
   Display column:  division         Width of DropDown is 500%
   Data column:      division

The 'open' event for w_maint contains:  

When the w_maint window opens, the first row of my table shows in the
But there is no 'dropdown' arrow.  Tabbing into or clicking in the
datawindow control has no effect.

The kicker is that I have another app, written in PB3, that has an
dddw.  I converted it to PB4 and it works fine.  I've tried to duplicate
but just can't get it to work.  (Please don't suggest inheritance, I
even looked up the definition yet, and my deadline doesn't provide for
tasks like 'learning' or 'training'!)

Thanks in advance for any help,

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