Large PowerBuilder Development

Large PowerBuilder Development

Post by Gene Schneid » Tue, 06 Feb 1996 04:00:00

The University at which I work is preparing to embark on a large PowerBuilder
development of our Student Records system.  This development will involve
approximately 10 developers, with the final system being distributed to around
400 users.

We are using an Oracle7 database on a DEC Alpha 6400 running OpenVMS, which
will hold a database of approximately 150 Entities.  We don't know how many
screens, etc. there will be, although there will be a lot!

There are relatively few PowerBuilder sites with experience in Perth Australia,
so I was wondering if anyone from one of the countries that have been using
PowerBuilder for a substantial time (Eg. Europe or the US) could provide
comment on how they've found PowerBuilder suitable for such a development?

By the way, we also need to provide access for Macintosh users, which make-up
about 50% of our users.

Any comments much appreciated.  They don't have to be long (like mine), but
indicative of your experience.

Thanks in advance

Gene Schneider


1. Powerbuilder Lead/Developers needed for large-scale development

Job Title:      POWERBUILDER Developers

Location:       Chicago, IL  and Grand Rapids, MI

Celebrating our 30th year of providing Information Systems Solutions to
Fortune 500 companies in North America, Keanes ability to attract
quality software professionals has never been better.  Recognized as one
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$350  million in revenues, a professional staff of 4500 technical
professionals, and a network of 40 branch offices across North America,
Keane can offer your career the advantage of experience.

Job Description:

Keane needs POWERBUILDER Developers to participate in several large
scale client server development efforts.  Certified POWERBUILDER
expertise would be a real plus.  
Keanes Client Server Application Development Services are based on
structured methodologies that enable the project team to achieve
schedule and cost goals, improve the quality of the system and meet the
business needs.  Keane provides technical and management training,
competitive benefits, and a challenging work environment in which
exceptional performance is recognized and rewarded.

Requried Skills:

POWERBUILDER, Certified POWERBUILDER, GUI  Design, Visual C++, Visual
Basic, MOTIF, other GUI development tools, Microsoft Certification.  
Dateabse experience in SYBASE, Oracle, or other relational databases a

If you desire to be a member of Keanes large Scale Client Server
Application Develolpment Team, please forward your qualifications

Please Respond To
Company Name:   KEANE, INC.

ATTN:           Tom  Bell

Address:        901 Warrenville Road, STE 220
                Lisle, IL, 60532

Phone:          800-795-3263
                708-852-5577            FAX:  708-852-9965

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