Memory error with OLE to MS Word

Memory error with OLE to MS Word

Post by Lori Valleran » Wed, 07 Feb 1996 04:00:00


I am new to PowerBuilder and am trying to store MS Word Documents in
Sybase Image fields.  I have placed and OLE control on a Window so the
user can start Word from within a PB app, but I consistently get out
of memory errors when I attempt a SELECT BLOB command.  I didn't have
problems when I stored the documents as separate files, but the
customer wants the documents to be stored in the database.  Are there
any functions for freeing up memory or telling me how much memory is

Lori Vallerani


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Is there anyone out there who was able to figure out how to catch events
from an OLEautoobject such as MS-Word ?  It would be a great help to be
notified when a user closes a document, or the application.


Jean-Pierre Maertens

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