SQLLOADer Question from novice

SQLLOADer Question from novice

Post by Janet Walk » Sat, 09 Apr 1994 00:53:47

I have a SQLLOAD question:

Product:  ORACLE v7

Input: 24 files of up to 5000 rows.  Each row is up to 4100 fields in
       length (in other words, not very practical to edit).  The data
       fields have no delimiters but there are a VARYING number of
       whitespaces between fields.  Some of the fields contain embedded
       blanks - and there may be more than one in a record.  Also some
       of the fields will be blank (null).

Problem:   Because of the line length I don't want to have to count
       positions in an editor.  Because of the varying amount of
       whitespace I can't just guess where the data is.  I have
       tried using 'terminated by whitespace' and it works great until
       I get to a field with embedded whitespace.    I haven't yet
       come across a blank field.

Reguest:  Does anyone know a way to find blank delimited fields
       without having to use 'position(x:y)', and yet still be
       able to handle fields with embedded blanks and null fields?

Please reply by email if possible.
                                                            Janet Walker
Naval Command, Control and Ocean Surveillance Center, RDT&E DIV
    Code 0291,  San Diego, California 92152   (619) 553-7957



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