Dynamically Loading Bitma

Dynamically Loading Bitma

Post by Paal Thing » Tue, 14 Jun 1994 00:07:51

Subject: Dynamically Loading Bitmaps                                

DH>     I have a datawindow which only contains a picture object.  I wish
  >to go through a list of 1000 bitmaps.  I will be loading the bitmap
  >from the current directory and drawing the bitmap into the
  >picture object.  Afterwards, I will remove the bitmap from the picture
  >object and replace it with the next bitmap.  To do this, I use
  >dwModify to destroy the bitmap and use dwModify to create and load the
  >next bitmap.  I pretty much used the example in the PowerBuilder function
  >reference to create the picture object (see dwModify section).  I tried
  >using the following command:

DH>   dw_pict.dwModify("create bitmap(band=header x = '0' y='0'"&
  >           +"height='961' width='1171' filename=fileout name=picture)")

You can't reference a variable within the dwModify string. You have to

dw_pict.dwModify("create bitmap(band=header x='0' y='0' height='961'" &
 +  "height='961' width='1171' filename=~'"+filename+"~' name=picture)")

DH>If I use the variable fileout, my pictures are not loaded.  If I replace
  >fileout with a string containing the path and filename, the pictures are
  >visible.  What's happening?  In addition, is there a better way to
  >do this rather than destroying and creating datawindow objects on the
  >fly?  Thanks for any help.

Why not just create a picture control in your window?
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