Drop Down Data Window Edit Style Help

Drop Down Data Window Edit Style Help

Post by Dave Wit » Thu, 28 Jul 1994 01:44:46

I'm having difficulty getting the Drop Down Datawindow to work in the edit
style selection of a column in a datawindow.   Along with specifying the
source datawindow, the  DDDW editor forces the entry of both a display and
edit column in order to activate the OK button, in which I select the
appropriate text field.  When previewing the datawindow, the list box only
shows the name of the column(not the data) associated with the source
datawindow.  This is obviously not what I want.

Anybody use this edit style successfully?  Thanks for any help.

Dave Witte


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I have a self-referencing table (i.e. ER fish-hok or this kind of

(Field) Department ID : ID Type
(Field) Reports to : ID Type

The "Reports to" field will be either null (reports to no-one) or with
a valid Department ID (within the same table). Recursion 101 :-)

Anyway, when I insert into this table, the row goes in fine but the
Drop Down List Box i'm using for the "Reports To" field doesn't show
the new row. Even when I cause the parent (i.e. the datawindow the
DDLB is in) to retrieve, it still won't put the new entry in the DDLB.
Only when I close the window and open it again will the DDLB have the
new row. This makes some sense if a retrieve of the DataWindow the
DDLB is in does not cause the DataWindow of the DDLB itself to
refresh, but I need to in this case.

How can I tell the Data Window DDLB to re-read it's table?


Kevin Stussman

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