PowerBuilder - Rdb - ODBC

PowerBuilder - Rdb - ODBC

Post by Frank Reeve » Mon, 19 Jun 1995 04:00:00

PowerBuilder folks...

Okay... We are using Rdb V6.0-05 on an AXP running VMS 6.1 and
using ODBC driver to connect to Rdb via PC with PowerBuilder 3.0b.

Well, when we enter the following syntax from the SQL painter in
PowerBuilder, this is what happens:



When we enter the same SELECT statement from Rdb interactively,
we get the same error.  However, when we add quotation marks to
the table name as follows it works in Rdb, but not from


We have since found out that Rdb reserves the keyword SYSTEM_USER
and will not allow you to refer to the table unless you specificly
indentify the table in quotation marks.  Since this works with
interactive SQL on the Alpha, why not from PowerBuilder via ODBC?



Frank Reeves


1. Experiences sought on Rdb/ODBC/PowerBuilder

We are considering using PowerBuilder with Rdb for database application
development.  The only way these two talk together is via ODBC.  We've
heard that ODBC drivers can vary considerably with regard to
1. Functionality
2. Reliability
3. Speed
Would anyone care to share their experiences on using either the
PowerBuilder or the Rdb ODBC driver?   Thank you!

-- Brian
Brian Westrich                                  

University of Minnesota                 phone:    (612) 627 4862

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