DW.retreive error (possible 4.04 bug)

DW.retreive error (possible 4.04 bug)

Post by David Bloch » Tue, 06 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I am using pb 4.04 with oracle 7.1 on windows. I have added a column to a
table.  When I preview the datawindow all the data displays correctly.  
However when I try to retrieve the datawindow on an openwindow I get the
oracle error 00904 invalid column name.  I have tried a variety of column
names and all return this error.  names such as SF_1, FLT, and SX32.
Why does preview work and not retrieve.
I have copied the SQL from the SQL DATAWINDOW painter and pasted ran it
diectly in SQL*PLUS and Microsoft Query, both work fine?  Is this a bug
and if so did 4.03 not have this bug?
thanx in advance,
David Blocher
Carpenter Technology Corporation

1. Quark 4.04 Bug : Consumes excessive GDI resources

The following has been posted to the General Functionality Forum as a letter
to Mark Davis on Quark's Discussion Forum

Dear Mark

Like many, I upgraded to Version 4 in the new year.

Since then I have had major problems getting Quark to work reliably as it
consumes GDI resources excessively.

My system is a Pentium2 300 with 228MB Ram and a 10Gig drive running Windows
98. I use 2 monitors.

My work consists of working with an 8 page flyer with about 20 images per
page. All images are CMYK eps with clipping paths.

I would start a session with 80% GDI ( Graphics Device Interface) Free. I
use Adobe type manager. I have System Resources Monitor on all the time,
just for Quark! I generally run Quark on its own, but other programmes
behave and dont use up much GDI

A typical example is as follows.

Open the job

Look at each of the pages 1-8 at full size, GDI drops to about 46%.

Going back to page 1, Zoom in on an object GDI increases to 55%.

From then on GDI drops, with some minor improvements with magnification

At a point at about 10- 20 minutes, I get the warning that GDI is below 10%.
If I close the document, the GDI does not improve. I have to shut Quark down
and restart. If I dont, GDI drops to 0% and then I risk file corruption.

Restart Quark, move the windows and start again. Very frustrating.

I have tried Safe Mode, with 1 monitor and 256 colours and 600*480. Quark
still eats GDI.

I have tried a Windows 95 machine with 1 monitor. Quark still eats GDI.

I have tried 16 bit colour, 256 colour, different video cards, formatted and
reinstalled Windows 98. Quark still eats GDI.

I have tried using Tiffs as the images. I have used memory programs
(Ramgate, Norton Utilities). Quark still eats GDI.

My service bureau has the same problem!

I noticed in a post by you that you recommend also having the System
Resources Monitor on, so I take that as admission that you experience the
same problem.

I have seen many people posting to the forum with the problem, yet all the
suggestions do little to help this GDI problem. Before long, more and more
will complain that Quark cant be used seriously on the PC Platform.

The first step is to accept there is a problem with the way Quark handles
GDI. The second step is to fix it.

This is a bug.

Fix it please so that people can use this program as it should be.

I used Quark 3.32 for ages and found it a joy.

I look forward to a reply that will enable me to use Quark 4.04 for hours at
a time, without having to shut down and restart every 20 minutes.



Mr Toys

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