dw.SetRedraw(false) and then dw.Print() messes up the print out.

dw.SetRedraw(false) and then dw.Print() messes up the print out.

Post by Manish Sha » Sat, 03 Feb 1996 04:00:00

dw_1.dwModify("datawindow.header.height ="+'300')

Code above prints only few rows. If SetRedraw(false) is not used then
print out is ok. I do not want users to see the changes on the window as
the report title is already there on the window title bar.
Redraw function is supposed to affect only the screen(window) and not the
print out. So should I put this one on my PB bug list ?
Is there any work around ?

Manish Shah


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a tab delimited dump basically.

Thanks, Don

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