Is Microsoft SNMP Management API thread safe?

Is Microsoft SNMP Management API thread safe?

Post by sarkar_sou.. » Thu, 25 Jan 2001 04:55:58


I am using Microsoft SNMP Management API. I am programming on NT4.0.
To be clear I am using APIs like:


The SnmpMgrOpen function initializes communications sockets and data
structures, allowing communications with the specified SNMP agent. This
function is an element of the SNMP Management API.

  LPSTR lpAgentAddress,    // name and address of target SNMP agent
  LPSTR lpAgentCommunity,  // community for target SNMP agent
  INT nTimeOut,            // communication time-out in milliseconds
  INT nRetries             // communication time-out or retry count

Now, the question I have is whether the "Microsoft SNMP Management
APIs" are thread safe? I would like to know this because I am going
to issue multiple SNMP requests simultaneously from multiple threads.


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