Announce: MIB Smithy Version 1.4 Release

Announce: MIB Smithy Version 1.4 Release

Post by Michael Kirkha » Wed, 22 Jan 2003 09:18:46

Version 1.4 of MIB Smithy, Muonics' visual MIB designer/editor/compiler
product, is a significant update, adding many additional tests for SMI
compliance and many changes for general application robustness. In
particular, this version of MIB Smithy contains a newly redesigned
internal OID indexing scheme that addresses the inadequacies in its
ability to do conflict checking that existed in the old scheme. The new
scheme will also make possible several enhancements that are under
development for an upcoming release, as well as other tools/products
based on the core library.

Included with this update a number of usability/UI improvements, an
updated set of included MIB modules, ability to recover from additional
design errors, and several minor bug fixes.

A more detailed list of changes in this version can be found at:

Information on MIB Smithy can be found at:

And a 15-day evaluation version for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, or Solaris
can be downloaded from:

Feedback is welcomed and appreciated.  Thanks.

Michael Kirkham


1. Announce: MIB Smithy Version 1.5 Release

Version 1.5 of MIB Smithy, Muonics' SNMP MIB Designer/Editor/Compiler
product, is a significant update that adds support for several of the
more obscure areas of the SMI that typically go unsupported by may tools.

This includes complete support for 'module.descriptor' forms for type and
value references described by RFC 2578, section 3.2. This version also
includes support for specifying the OID value for an imported module's
MODULE-IDENTITY in an importing module's IMPORTS statement, allowing the
importing module to locally reference a module by a different name. This
feature, along with 'module.descriptor' references, allows modules to
import and use symbols that would otherwise be ambiguous due to the
modules or symbols having the same descriptor.

Also new in this version, the tool now consistently supports all three
forms for value references -- descriptor, 'module.descriptor', and object
identifier -- for all OID assignments to macro invocations, as well as
all constructs where the SMI macro definitions reference the 'ObjectName'
and 'NotificationName' internal types or 'value(OBJECT IDENTIFIER)', such
as INDEX, AUGMENTS, NOTIFICATIONS, etc., with relevant compatibility
warnings.  These are in addition to the forms normally used and supported
by common tools (descriptors for INDEX/etc., and multi-component OID
values for macro invocations).

With these changes, along with the improved internal indexing from 1.4,
MIB Smithy's support for every feature the SMI has to offer is now
considered by Muonics to be largely complete and robust, and one of the
most fully-capable MIB editors/compilers in existence. This will pave the
way for a number of significant new features and tools under development
for the upcoming 2.0 release (early/mid March).

The complete release announcement, with full list of changes and
enhancements since version 1.4.1, is available at:

Product information and a 15-day evaluation version is available at:

MIB Smithy is available for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris (SPARC).  
Additional platforms are under consideration, and we welcome contact from
parties interested in specific platforms that are not presently

Questions/comments/feedback may be directed to sales -at- or
support -at- as appropriate.


Michael Kirkham

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