SNMP for linux

SNMP for linux

Post by Aldoliu Cha » Mon, 04 Nov 1996 04:00:00

  I am looking for SNMP management software to linux / HP-UX, i would like
to have a free download. Thanks for you help.

Best Regards,
Aldoliu Chan.
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SNMP for linux

Post by Detlef Boddi » Tue, 05 Nov 1996 04:00:00

search for Tkined and scotty



1. Question regarding cmu-snmp for linux (ver3.5)

Hello ,

We are using 3.3 version linux cmu-snmp for monitoring  modem
related traps from router .

Now I have installed cmu-snmp-linux-3.5 on other machine .

on old system i get information like

Enterprise Specific Trap (1) Uptime: 24 days, 19:45:11
= rlogin(4)
= closeWait(8) ..........................

On new system i get no more information other than
Enterprise Specific Trap (1) Uptime: 24 days, 6:24:13

I have appended (/usr/lib & /etc/) mib.txt  by cisco mib text file .
It gives correct information for snmpwalk variable for these enterprise
specific variables. That means no problem with mib file !
Version seems to be no problem as I have tried ver3.3 also .
The linux box runs Linux 2.0.0
Is anything else to be done ?

Thanks ,

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