Scotty 2.1.11 versus 3.0.x, with respect to mib tc command

Scotty 2.1.11 versus 3.0.x, with respect to mib tc command

Post by Pete Flugsta » Sat, 05 Apr 2003 11:56:48

> I am a scotty/tcl newbie. A coworker told me about scotty so I
> finally decided to learn tcl just to use scotty. I am primarily
> interested in the mib parsing capabilities.

It's worth it, although libsmi (just do a search for it) probably
has better MIB parsing abilities.  Jrgen's group did libsmi as well,
and he's mentioned that he'd like to at some point replace the current
scotty mib parser with libsmi's.

Quote:> I noticed that certain object IDs in our mib do not return textual
> conventions (mib tc object command). That could return numeric
> conventions. i.e.

>   objectWithoutTc       OBJECT-TYPE
>        SYNTAX      INTEGER (0..1439)
>        MAX-ACCESS  read-write
>        STATUS      current
>         "Blah blah blah"
>   ::= { someTableTableEntry 5 }

>   objectWithTc       OBJECT-TYPE
>        SYNTAX      INTEGER {
>                    tc_one(2),
>                    tc_two(3),
>                    tc_three(4)}
>        MAX-ACCESS  read-write
>        STATUS      current
>         "Blah blah blah"
>   ::= { someTableTableEntry 5 }

> The script I am writing generates validation functions in C++ which
> are then compiled into our snmp-agent software.

> I have seen some old coorespondence from Jrgen which seemed to
> indicate support for additional commands to augment tc. Anyone using
> 3.0.x know if it would help me handle cases where there are anonymous
> numeric constraints like example above.

Yes.  The Tnm::mib enums command will return the list of enums
associated with a object/type.  I entered your mib objects into
a test mib and loaded it into scotty 3.0.0, and here are some

% puts $tnm(version)
% mib type objectWithTc
% mib type objectWithoutTc
% mib enums TEST-MIB!ObjectWithTc
tcOne 2 tcTwo 3 tcThree 4
% mib range TEST-MIB!ObjectWithoutTc
0 1439

So it should give you what you want.

Quote:> Also does anyone know the release status of 3.0.x. I am running on
> solaris, I downloaded the file scotty-00-02-21.tar.gz from
> which I presume is the most recent beta of 3.0.x.

Use the CVS commands from the web page - the version from CVS is quite
a bit newer.  Someone recently contributed fixed for Tcl 8.4 updates as

Quote:> Other than the 1 gripe mentioned here I am happy with scotty 2.1.11.
> I do not even want to bother building scotty 3.0.x if it will not
> help this situation. Any help would be appreciated especially a
> pointer to any documentation that descibes what is new to 3.0.x.
> Thanks.

Check the scotty mailing list for some recent discussions of putting
out 3.0.x.  The best place I've found for docs on 3.0.x is to download
it from CVS, install it and take a look at the man pages.

Pete Flugstad
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Scotty 2.1.11 versus 3.0.x, with respect to mib tc command

Post by Pete Flugsta » Wed, 09 Apr 2003 13:17:50

> I will go ahead and build the version I have just so I can see my
> script work. I will get the latest out of cvs also. I will also look
> into libsmi. Hopefully the command syntax is similar so my script will
> not have to change much to work with it.

Well, libsmi is a C library, so TCL scripts don't really apply.
It comes with a number of bundled tools to do various things
with SMI data, or you can easily write your own (the API is
quite straightforward), but they would have to be in C.

Pete Flugstad
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