SunNet Manager default community string

SunNet Manager default community string

Post by Peter Far » Tue, 31 Mar 1998 04:00:00

We are trying to do a comparison of Sun's Domain Manager against
OpenView and NetView. One of the first issues we have run into is the
handling of community strings. I hope we are just missing the point, but
we cannot seem to set up the fairly common scenario of several network
devices with a couple of sets of community strings. Lets say that we
have 1000 hubs with community strings hub-read, hub-write, and
common-read. We also have 300 routers with rtr-read, rtr-write and
common-read. In addition, we have a default for any other devices of
common-read, common-write. In OpenView and NetView, I could enter this
data into the SNMP configuration panels as a default and two wild cards
(assuming the hubs and routers were in two well defined but mutually
exclusive address ranges). I cannot seem to set this up with SNM, other
than to type the information in each time I want to discover or
re-discover the network. What am I missing here?


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I have a bit of a problem, I'm trying to add another community string while
the agent is running.
I have a V2c community string, but also need a V1.
I know how do do this in the snmp CFG file. That's how found what I thought
I had to change.

This is what I thought it was but I get an error????

C:\etc\srconf\bin>setany -v2c private
    vacmGroupName. -D V1Cd200Read
    vacmSecurityToGroupStorageType. -i 3
    vacmSecurityToGroupStatus. -i 1
    vacmAccessContextMatch. -i 1
    vacmAccessReadViewName. -D
    vacmAccessWriteViewName. -D
    vacmAccessNotifyViewName. -D
    vacmAccessStorageType. -i 3
    vacmAccessStatus. -i 1

Error code set in packet - INCONSISTENT_VALUE_ERROR: 3.


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