ANNOUNCE: MIB Smithy SDK - SMI/SNMP Extension for Tcl (Commercial)

ANNOUNCE: MIB Smithy SDK - SMI/SNMP Extension for Tcl (Commercial)

Post by Michael Kirkha » Wed, 14 May 2003 01:28:16


> Muonics is pleased to announce the availability of MIB Smithy SDK.
> Based on the core library upon which Muonics' MIB Smithy Visual MIB
> Development Environment (designer/editor/compiler) has been built, the
> SDK provides an extension to Tcl/Tk (8.1+) that allows development of
> custom scripts for controlling SNMP agents or manipulating SMI
> definitions, conversions, etc.


I just wanted to follow up on this announcement and let folks know that a
15-day evaluation version of the extension is now available for download.  
The evaluation version has a few limitations: there is a 4-module limit,
CBC-DES encryption is disabled, and loaded module definitions are "read
only" (ie., the same way similar SNMP/SMI extensions work - you can query
MIB definitions such as OIDs, types, group members, etc., but you cannot
modify them via the APIs as you can with the full version).  Otherwise,
the evaluation is fully functional.

The demo can be downloaded from:


Consult the online developer's guide for instructions on loading and
using the extension:

Let me know if you have any difficulties.  Thanks!

Michael Kirkham

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