Announcement: MIB Smithy Version 1.1 Released

Announcement: MIB Smithy Version 1.1 Released

Post by Michael Kirkha » Wed, 20 Nov 2002 09:27:37

MIB Smithy is a Windows and Unix software product (commercial) for Simple
Network Management Protocol (SNMP) developers, Management Information
Base (MIB) designers and internet-draft authors providing a Visual GUI-
based environment for designing, editing and compiling MIB modules
according to the SMIv1 and SMIv2 (Structure of Management Information)
standards. The tool accelerates the development process by providing an
easy to use GUI-based environment for designing, editing and compiling
SNMP MIB specifications without the syntax and formatting concerns of
designing MIBs by hand.

Version 1.1 of MIB Smithy adds significant new MIB validation
capabilities, with over 500 checks for SMI compliance, "best common
practice" MIB design, and potential issues that may limit compatibility
with other compilers.  Several minor bugs and a few not-so-minor bugs
have also been fixed.

Detailed product information and a 15-day limited evaluation can be
obtained from the Muonics website at

Significant Changes:

* Over 500 MIB validation tests performed.

* Ability to validate one file at a time or all files in a project at

* MIB files are fully validated before being compiled.

* Compiler Log highlights error messages in red for easy location amongst
warning messages.

* Can now detect and correct hyphens at the end of identifiers and
correct/convert undescores to hyphens.

* REVISION Time Stamps are now converted automatically to use 4-digit
years for dates in the 1990's (where 4 digits were optional), for

* Many compiler/validation messages reworded for clarification and
additional messages/validation routines added.

* New icons for Compile/Build buttons in the toolbar.

* New "Validate" and "Validate All" buttons in toolbar and Build menu for
validating the selected file or all files in the project, respectively.

* Warn about and discard many specified-but-empty optional fields such as

* Warn about required-but-empty fields such as DESCRIPTION.

* Warn about and discard optional fields that must not be empty if
specified that other parsers will *on, such as INDEX, AUGMENTS,

* Auto-correct (discard) extra semicolons at the end of EXPORTS/IMPORTS.

* Detect and correct illegal use of MAX/MIN-ACCESS in AGENT-CAPABILITIES

* Many other warnings/errors detected and reported.

* Exports are now set to 'ALL' by default and 'ALL' word no longer output
in saved modules. (In SMIv2, all definitions are implicitly exported; the
'ALL' output was a bug.)

* Internally, changes have been made towards making error/warning/etc.
message localization easier in the future.

* Several older MIBs includes in the 'samples' directory have been
replaced with the most recent versions.

* Improved SMIv1/SMIv2 conversion capabilities.

Bug fixes:

* Fixed a negative-integer value formatting bug.

* Fixes bug in assignment of multiple discrete subranges to a type or
object's syntax.

* Fixed handling of menu hotkeys when preview/compiler log windows have

* Better tie-in between the parser and the internal database. This fixes
the issue of some compiler messages being lost or sent somewhere other
than the "Compiler Log" page in the GUI. This also means a large number
of formerly checked-but-not-reported MIB validation messages are now
reported when loading MIB files.

* An error in the internal index updating routines could sometimes cause
the application to hang when loading files containing variations (AGENT-
CAPABILITIES/MODULE-COMPLIANCE) depending on other MIBs loaded. This has
been fixed.

* Fixed some minor formatting issues in generated MIB files.

* Fixed 'Record not found' error that could occur when previewing MIBs
with AGENT-CAPABILITIES statements.

* Fixed TRAP-TYPE formatting problems, DEFVAL in RFC-1215 OBJECT-TYPE,

* Fixed internal index updating issue that could cause "search string is
ambiguous" errors on variations after the referenced object/notification
is deleted.

* Files in the Project Browser tree are now sorted by name instead of
order of creation/import.

Michael Kirkham


1. Announcement: MIB Smithy Visual MIB Designer for Windows/Unix

Muonics has this week has announced the release of version 1.0 of MIB
Smithy MIB Designer/Editor/Compiler product and has made it available
for purchase and evaluation.

MIB Smithy is Windows and Unix software product for SNMP developers, MIB
designers and internet-draft authors.  The tool is designed to accelerate
the development process by providing an easy to use GUI-based environment
for designing, editing and compiling SNMP MIB specifications without
worrying about particular SMI syntax and formatting concerns in the

Significant Features:

* Import/Export SMIv1 MIB Modules (RFCs 1065, 1212, 1215)
* Import/Export SMIv2 MIB Modules (RFCs 2576, 2578, 2579, 2580)
* Import/Export MOSY .defs file format; generate MIB Module(s) from a
  .defs file.
* Automatic MIB extraction from text files/RFC documents
* Built-in Compiler/Validation tool
* Work concurrently on as many MIB Modules or MIB Files as you want
* Automatic SMI syntax checking and error correction
* Explorer-style project manager for quick navigation and selection
* Preview changes to individual modules or whole files with
  context-sensitive highlighting
* Properties organized in easy to navigate tabbed pages
* Extensive filters make finding the right data type, record name, OID,
  etc. easy
* Automatic Object Identifier Value assignment
* Built-in filesystem explorer tied into project management
* Customizable GUI Layout, Panel Size, Hide/Show GUI Components

Version 1.0 of MIB Smithy focuses primarily on the MIB creation and
design aspects of the product, with its visual user environment, and the
ability to compile to (and import from) MOSY file formats and detect
and correct parse-level errors.  Future updates to the product will
include significant new features in the area of compiling and integration
with other tools, with native support for other file formats such as XML
as well as allowing the user to work with custom file formats such as
those used by specific NMS applications or generate source code usable
with the user's choice of SNMP development libraries.

Further information, including pricing and licensing information, as
well as a downloadable 15-day limited evaluation can be obtained from
the Muonics website at and/or the MIB Smithy Product
Information page at:

Questions/comments should be directed to or  Thanks.

Michael Kirkham

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