is UCD-snmp multi thread safe

is UCD-snmp multi thread safe

Post by jeev » Wed, 05 Feb 2003 02:24:51


Is UCD-SNMP traditional API version 4.2.1 is multithread safe?




1. Porting NET-SNMP (UCD-SNMP) to QNX4

I am attempting to port net-snmp v4.2 (formerly ucd-snmp) to QNX 4.  I
have previously
installed it successfully under FreeBSD and extended the agent without a

problem.  In fact, I'm very happy with it and now am trying to build it
under QNX.  Unfortunately, I'm running into a lot of problems.

Before I downloaded net-snmp, I installed gcc/egcs 2.91.66 and autoconf
2.13.  I downloaded the latest config.sub and config.guess from, which appear to contain support for QNX4.  I then installed

the net-snmp package, copied the config.sub and config.guess files into
the project directory, ran autoconf and then configure.  When I view the

config.log file I see that there are lots of failures (e.g. can't find
libraries, undefined symbols, etc.).  I've never used autoconf before so

I'm a little confused by the output, although I have read the
introductory info documentation.

Before I get into too many more specifics, I was wondering if anyone had

already ported this to QNX4 already and could give me hope and help save

me hours of aggravation.


Carlos Ramirez
Senior Software Engineer
WorldGate Communications, Inc.

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