How to create table entry with Scotty

How to create table entry with Scotty

Post by Roger Boo » Wed, 17 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Well, I've figured out how to read and write via snmp and Scotty.
I can read in the nmc.mib (I have a cisco 5100 with a US.Robotics
network management card).  I can even set the variables to tell
the nmc and the modem management mibs to send traps, however...
The nmcTrapDestTable is a table (no duh) to which I need to
add an entry.  I have no clue how to create a table entry.  If
anyone could give me information I would appreciate it.  The
Simple Book isn't very helpful, it seems to be more theory
than practice.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Roger (Posting from an FSU account because my normal mail machine is
hosed, again.)


1. Create new entry in forwarding table


I've got some D-Link-switches here (DES-3624i), and am trying to manage them
via SNMP. Documentation concerning SNMP is non-existent for this device,
D-Link-Support didn't react to my questions, and my research in newsgroups
an websites hasn't helped, either.

I've downloaded the MIBs from D-Link, and have been successful at
enabling/disabling ports, querying link-status, setting ports to
locked/learning mode, and so on (all via PHP and snmpset/-get). Here's what
I want to do and haven't been able to:

Since only specific MAC-addresses should be allowed to use certain ports, I
have to manually add the MACs to the Static Forwarding Table using the
switches' integrated web-interface, which is slow, unreliable and very
unhandy for this kind of thing.

So I want to do this via SNMP... What I can see when browsing the
corresponding MIB are entries for every MAC-address I manually entered
before consisting of a 96-bit-number (96 is the number of ports in my
stack), each bit enabling or disabling that MAC for one specific port. And
that I can change, meaning I can allow or forbid that MAC for any port I
want to.

My problem is, how do I create a NEW entry here via SNMP?
I've tried simply writing to a variable, hoping it would be created in the
process, but of course that won't work.

The only alternative would be doing it via the switches' telnet-interface
with expect or something, which is - at least for me - out of the question.

So how do I do this? I don't even know for sure that that is possible with
the switches I have, but not even D-Link seems to know (or care). How is
something like that usually done, how do you create new entries in existing

I don't want to buy any books or go into the depths of SNMP, since this is
just about the only thing I need to do with it, but maybe some of you can


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