Announce: MIB Smithy 2.0 with SNMP Tools, XML, Custom Formats

Announce: MIB Smithy 2.0 with SNMP Tools, XML, Custom Formats

Post by Michael Kirkha » Thu, 01 May 2003 15:04:59

Muonics is pleased to announce the release and availablility of version
2.0 of MIB Smithy, a visual environment for designing, creating, editing
and compiling SNMP MIBs on Windows and Unix platforms.  This is a major
release that adds the most sought after features requested by our users
and through our survey, including:

  * Four built-in SNMP Tools with support for SNMPv1, v2 and v3.

  * XML Support using an XML Schema developed by Muonics that is much
    more extensive and complete than earlier DTD proposals

  * Support for custom compiler output formats: users can script
    their own formats in Tcl using provided APIs to generate anything
    from simple OID lists to source code for third-party SNMP agent
    development libraries.

  * Improved project management, such as configurable output directories
    and ability to mark MIB files as dependencies to be validated and
    cross-checked but not compiled.

  * An exposed core library for scripting custom SMI data conversion and
    SNMP management operations in Tcl outside the MIB Smithy environment.

With version 2.0, we are happy to now offer two additional products.  All
current users have been upgraded to MIB Smithy Professional at no charge,
and MIB Smithy Pro remains available at the same price as before.  We now
also offer MIB Smithy Standard Edition, for users with tighter budgets or
who don't need all of the custom compiler format or scripting
capabilities of MIB Smithy Professional.  The second product, MIB Smithy
SDK, is the dynamically-loadable extension to Tcl/Tk based on the MIB
Smithy core that is included in MIB Smithy Professional and is now
available as an unbundled product for users who need SMI/SNMP scripting
capabilities but don't need a complete MIB Editor/Compiler package.

Detailed changes in this release:

  * The "Build" menu now contains a "Settings" menu item to configure the
    build process.

  * The Build Settings now allow specifying the directories for
    intermediate and output files, as well as the ability to mark
    individual files as dependencies to be excluded from the build.
    When marked as a dependency, a file will be validated and
    cross-checked, but will not generate any output files when compiled.
    This allows projects to include files whose presence is necessary to
    fully validate imported references, but are not necessary for the
    desired output.

  * The Build Settings dialog also allows specification of Tcl commands
    to be evaluated to generate custom compiler output formats. Selecting
    "Custom Build" from the "Output Format" list enables the
    "Custom Build" tab of the dialog. Here you can specify a command to
    be evaluated before and after a build, to compile an individual
    module, to compile a file, and to "clean" the project (removing files
    generated by the custom compiler).  Details on how to develop custom
    compiler formats will be available in the MIB Smithy 2.0 User's
    Guide shortly.
    (Profession Edition Only)

  * Several new built-in SNMP management tools: MIB Browser, Table
    Viewer, SNMP Walk and SNMP Query. These tools support SNMPv1, SNMPv2
    and SNMPv3 with both HMAC-MD5-96 and HMAC-SHA-96 authentication, as
    well as CBC-DES privacy.
    (CBC-DES supported in non-evaluation versions only).

  * The SMI/SNMP library core is now available as a dynamically loaded
    Tcl/Tk extension Documentation for the APIs will be forthcoming
    shortly.  The extension may be loaded into Tcl/Tk by adding the
    'lib/smithysdk' directory to the 'auto_path' variable using the
    "package require smithysdk" command.
    (Profession Edition and MIB Smithy SDK Only)

  * Added ability to import and export modules to XML format according to
    the XML Schema proposal at, which
    provides a much richer and more complete format from extant DTDs. A
    copy of the schema can also be found in the "docs" directory as
    ("Preview" Only in evaluation version, "Export" Only in Standard Ed.)

  * Several SMI output-formatting improvements have been made, such as
    smarter recognition and joining of lines of paragraphs and minor
    speed improvements both in output generation and other areas.

  * The "Preview" command in the main Edit menu and the popup menu for
    the Project Browser tree have been replaced by submenus that allow
    selection of either SMI or XML formats to be previewed as.  The
    toolbar button continues to preview in normal SMI format.

  * A warning is now issued if an object or textual convention of type
    'BITS' neglects to assign a value to bit 0, which is loosely required
    by SMIv2.

  * The Tcl/Tk core has been upgraded to version 8.4.2.  This may result
    in some minor cosmetic changes in addition to the benefits of the
    bugs that have been fixed since the prior version used.

  * New application icons in Windows version.

  * Minor cosmetic and behavi*improvements to the icon trees (used by
    the MIB and Project browsers), including automatically scrolling to
    make new items in the tree visible when created.

  * Many core API improvements for the MIB Smithy SDK allowing for
    querying various properties such as enumerations and size/range
    refinements, either "as declared" directly within the specified
    record, or "as inherited" from any derived-from types or other

  * Added several RFC documents for the various SMI versions to the
    "docs" directory of the installation.

A 15-day evaluation version of MIB Smithy 2.0 is available at:

MIB Smithy is available for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris (SPARC).
Additional platforms are under consideration, and we welcome contact from
parties interested in specific platforms that are not presently

Questions/comments/feedback may be directed to sales (at) or
support (at) as appropriate.


Michael Kirkham


1. ANNOUNCE: MIB Smithy SDK - SMI/SNMP Extension for Tcl (Commercial)


I just wanted to follow up on this announcement and let folks know that a
15-day evaluation version of the extension is now available for download.  
The evaluation version has a few limitations: there is a 4-module limit,
CBC-DES encryption is disabled, and loaded module definitions are "read
only" (ie., the same way similar SNMP/SMI extensions work - you can query
MIB definitions such as OIDs, types, group members, etc., but you cannot
modify them via the APIs as you can with the full version).  Otherwise,
the evaluation is fully functional.

The demo can be downloaded from:


Consult the online developer's guide for instructions on loading and
using the extension:

Let me know if you have any difficulties.  Thanks!

Michael Kirkham

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