Who has implemented novell-ipx-mib and novell-rip-sap-mib?

Who has implemented novell-ipx-mib and novell-rip-sap-mib?

Post by Patrick Kl » Sun, 18 Dec 1994 01:18:04

I was wondering if someone who has implemented novell-ipx-mib and/or
novell-rip-sap-mib would mind a few verbal questions?  If you wouldn't
mind discussing these mibs with me, I'd appreciate if you could email me
your phone number so I could give you a call and discuss these mibs.
Some of the terminology in these mibs seem inconsistant with my
understanding of IPX interfaces and routing, et. al.


Patrick Klos

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1. Novell IPX MIB

maybe somebody can help me out here...  i was reading the
Novell IPX MIB specifications.  the first thing i noticed
was the ipxBasicSysTable and the specs describe it as a
table of entries where each entry corresponds to one
instance of IPX on the system.  what is an instance of
IPX?  is it a one-to-one correspondence with the
interface/frame-type combination?  (so, if my Netware
server has 2 ethernet boards and each configured with
both raw 802.3 and 802.2 formats, then it has 4 instances
of IPX?)  what about statistics that don't belong to one
particular interface/frame-type combo?  (e.g., open
socket failures)

thanks in advance,

Yan Or

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