List of SNMP extensions to TCL

List of SNMP extensions to TCL

Post by Juergen Schoenwaeld » Mon, 21 Nov 1994 20:06:01

I have seen some questions about snmp extensions to tcl in the last
days. Below is my little list of tcl snmp extensions. It might
contain errors and perhaps it does not list your favourite extension
because I never heard about it. So please contact me if you know of
other implementations or if there are other errors in the following


SNMP extensions to TCL -- A Short History

The first snmp extension to tcl I know of was written by Poul-Henning

dated around March '92. This code is also included in the CMU snmp
sources. Poul-Henning later used a different protocol stack (I think
it was the tricklet code) and added MIB access using dbm etc. There
was a mailing list which had some discussions about design issues in
December '92. The last implementation I know of is available from

In 1993, Glenn Trewitt and Poul-Henning Kamp wrote some drafts about
a tcl API that should support snmp version 1 and version 2. I have a
draft dated July 1993, but I have never seen an implementation. I am
not sure if Poul-Henning Kamp is still working on it.

I took the second snmp_tcl, ported it to the current tcl version and
added it to the scotty tcl extension in Januar 1994. In September '94,
we replaced Poul-Hennings extension with our own tcl snmp extension,
which supports version 1 and version 2. This is available from

Also in August '94, Marshall Rose and Keith McCloghrie announced their
snmp tcl API which is documented in their book "How To Manage Your
Network Using SNMP". An implementation based on the ISODE snmp stack is
available from

Another minor tcl interface is part of the beholder (the RMON
implementation written at Delft University of Technology) which
just opens a pipe to the stdspook snmp frontend and converts
to tcl lists etc. The unix source is available from

For nearly every package, there exists a mailing list which is usually
mentioned in the README or ANNOUNCE files. Please join them if you
have questions to one of the packages listed above.


1. ANNOUNCE: MIB Smithy SDK - SMI/SNMP Extension for Tcl (Commercial)


I just wanted to follow up on this announcement and let folks know that a
15-day evaluation version of the extension is now available for download.  
The evaluation version has a few limitations: there is a 4-module limit,
CBC-DES encryption is disabled, and loaded module definitions are "read
only" (ie., the same way similar SNMP/SMI extensions work - you can query
MIB definitions such as OIDs, types, group members, etc., but you cannot
modify them via the APIs as you can with the full version).  Otherwise,
the evaluation is fully functional.

The demo can be downloaded from:


Consult the online developer's guide for instructions on loading and
using the extension:

Let me know if you have any difficulties.  Thanks!

Michael Kirkham

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