IF-MIB and SunNet Manager.

IF-MIB and SunNet Manager.

Post by Eric Anderso » Sat, 07 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Hey all,

Has anyone out there successfully installed IF-MIB into SunNet Manager? If
so, would you please outline for me the procedure you followed? I can
install it, but it doesn't function.

thank you.



1. Problems Installing IF-MIB into SunNet Manager

Hello all,

I'm pretty new to snmp still. I'm attempting to install IF-MIB into SunNet
Manager and I've been unsuccessful so far.

Here's what I've done:

1) Downloaded these files from ftp.cisco.com:


2) Copied the above files to $SNMHOME/agents

3) Reinitialized SunNet Manager using the following command:

    snm -i

4) Tested the new MIB by running a Quick Dump|IF-MIB|ifXTable on a Catalyst
5000 switch.

It never returns. The results window is blank. Have I missed a step?

Thank you,


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