Announcemt: Thread-safe SNMP++

Announcemt: Thread-safe SNMP++

Post by Frank Foc » Tue, 06 Feb 2001 07:37:42


SNMP++, which was originally developed at HP by
Peter Mellquist, uses static event queues which are
all but one not synchronized. As a consequence,
SNMP++ could not be used in a multi-threaded
environment with unsynchronized SNMP sessions.

SNMP++v3.0.1 adds thread-safety and SNMPv3
support to the original SNMP++v2.8. Besides
SNMP++v3.0.1 eliminates the need for WinSNMP
on Windows 32bit platforms.

SNMP++v3.0.1 can be downloaded from the AGENT++
web site:

Frank Fock