Anderaa conjecture

Anderaa conjecture

Post by Gary Polli » Wed, 04 Nov 1992 01:46:24

Can anyone tell me about the Anderaa conjuecture?  I know that it deals with
the representation of graphs in adjacency matrix form, but that's about it.
Specifically, what is the statement of the conjecture?  What is the
current status?  Are there any pointers to the literature?

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1. Goldbach's conjecture. Computer disproofs of number theoretic conjectures

I would be very grateful if someone could tell me
the current lower limit for Goldbach's conjecture
(that every even number is the sum of two primes).

I'd also be very interested to hear of any number
theoretic conjectures which were disproved by the
successful search for a counter-example using a computer
program (or indeed, any type of conjecture disproved
by means of a computer program).

Thanks in advance.


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