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                                  AI*IA 97

                            Fifth Congress of the
               Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence

                         Roma, 16-19 settembre 1997
                      Universita' di Roma "La Sapienza",
                            Facolta' di Ingegneria
                       Sede di S. Pietro in Vincoli,
                           via Eudossiana 18, Roma

The Congress of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence is,
on a
national level, the most important event to meet and interact for
involved in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The Fifth Congress,
following the previous ones held in Trento (1989), Palermo (1991),
(1993) and Firenze (1995), will focus on invited lectures given by
international experts, presentation of scientific works, demos of
and prototypes, panels on relevant methodological and practical aspects,
tutorials given by national experts and other satellite events.

                             TOPICS OF INTEREST

   * Automated Reasoning
   * Cognitive Modeling
   * Connectionist Models
   * Distributed Artificial Intelligence
   * Knowledge-based Systems
   * Knowledge Representation
   * Learning
   * Natural Language
   * Perception and Vision
   * Planning
   * Qualitative Reasoning
   * Robotics
   * Applications in the following fields
        o Automated design
        o Automated production
        o Autonomous systems and robots
        o Control and diagnosis of processes and plants
        o Information systems
        o Insurance and finance
        o Man-machine interfaces
        o Public administration
        o Software engineering

                              PROGRAM CHAIRMAN

                             Maurizio Lenzerini
       Universita' di Roma "La Sapienza", Dipartimento di Informatica e
       Via Salaria 113, 00198 Roma, e-mail:

                              PROGRAM COMMITTEE

   * Francesco Bergadano (Universita' di Torino)
   * Sonia Bergamaschi (Universita' di Modena)
   * Cristiano Castelfranchi (CNR - Roma)
   * Amedeo Cesta (CNR - Roma)
   * Marco Colombetti (Politecnico di Milano)
   * Luca Console (Universita' di Torino)
   * Francesco M. Donini (Universita' di Roma "La Sapienza")
   * Floriana Esposito (Universita' di Bari)
   * Salvatore Gaglio (Universita' di Palermo)
   * Massimo Gallanti (CISE, Milano)
   * Bruno Graziadio (Finsiel Spa, Roma)
   * Nicola Guarino (CNR - Padova)
   * Leonardo Lesmo (Universita' di Torino)
   * Giannetto Levizzari (Centro Ricerche FIAT, Orbassano)
   * Furio Suggi Liverani (Illy Caffe' Trieste)
   * Giancarlo Mauri (Universita' di Milano)
   * Daniele Nardi (Universita' di Roma "La Sapienza")
   * Roberto Serra (Montecatini Spa, Ravenna)
   * Maria Simi (Universita' di Pisa)
   * Giovanni Soda (Universita' di Firenze)
   * Oliviero Stock (IRST, Trento)
   * Carlo Tasso (Universita' di Udine)
   * Renato Zaccaria (Universita' di Genova)

                              PAPER SUBMISSION

The papers must be sent in 5 copies to the Program Chairman accompanied
by a
page containing the title of the paper, name, affiliation and address of
authors, a short abstract, the indication of which one of the above
best characterizes the work, and the name of the contact author. The
must have a length of at most 5000 words (approx. 10 pages
including figures and bibliography). Since the Congress proceedings will
published by Springer Verlag in a volume of the serie Lecture Notes in
Artificial Intelligence, all papers must be written in English.

The above topics of interest are not exhaustive. Submissions in other
are also welcome, if of interest for Artificial Intelligence. The length
5000 words is a maximum: shorter papers of 5-7 pages are also
Theoretical or methodological results will be judged on the basis of
soundness, originality, relevance and clarity of presentation.
papers will be judged on the basis of their appropriateness to the
innovative applications of Artificial Intelligence technologies and
relevance to real domains.

Submitted papers must be original and cannot be under review, previosly
published or accepted for publication in a journal, another conference
or a
workshop with published proceedings.

                               CALL FOR DEMOS

Persons interested in showing a demo of a system or a prototype which
principles and techniques of Artificial Intelligence, are invited to
send to
the Program Chairman 5 copies of a document of at most 2500 words
(approx. 5
pages single-spacing) describing the system, with particular emphasis on
tecniques and methodologies used in the design and implementation, and
the knowledge representation and reasoning mechanisms used. The document
must contain the title, name, affiliation and address of all authors and
name of the contact author. Moreover, the documents must specify the
Hardware/Software environment needed, and whether the demo can be shown
the interent. Since the Congress proceedings will be published by
Verlag in a volume of the serie Lecture Notes in Artificial
all papers must be written in English.


Papers and demo proposals must reach the Program Chairman by April 10,
Authors will be notified of the decsions of the programme Committee by
26, 1997. Camera-ready versions of the papers and demo descriptions must
reach the Program Chairman by June 26, 1997.

                              SATELLITE EVENTS

The Congress includes several satellite events. The first day will be
reserved to 4 tutorials given by national experts on active research
The Congress also includes two Workshops to discuss experiences on the
of Artificial Intelligence tecniques and tools, in the area of the
administration and in the area of insurance and finance.

                            ORGANIZING COMMITTEE

   * Amedeo Cesta (CNR, Roma)
   * Daniela D'Aloisi (Fondazione Ugo Bordoni, Roma)
   * Carlo Ficini (Finmeccanica, Roma)
   * Marco Schaerf (Universita' di Roma "La Sapienza")

   Updated information on the Congress is available on the World Wide


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