US-Open Client/Server Programmer Analyst- To $70K Client-Server/C/C++/RDBMS

US-Open Client/Server Programmer Analyst- To $70K Client-Server/C/C++/RDBMS

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US-Open     Client/Server Programmer Analyst- Client-Server/C/C++/RDBMS  
     To  $70k                                                            

This Int'l software development company specializes in the retail
industry offering products and services.  Their software products are
 created for supply chain management, direct product profitability
and inventory management from the purchase of goods to the shipment
of products through distribution centers.                

The company is looking for three Client/Server Programmer/Analysts to
 develop and/or customize the product to the customers    

You will be working in a C/Unix environment and with relational
databases.  Some C++ programming.  Your responsibilities include
analysis, specifications, programming, and testing the developed
and/or customized products including:  inventory control, space
management, price management,replenishment planning, purchasing
management and much, much more.                          

This opportunity offers the prospective candidate $60-70K and a
chance to travel the United States.  This position does not require
relocation, but will require travel.                      

Requirements:  BSCS.  2+ years of experience programming in C on a
Unix system.  You must have experience with  RDBMS (Oracle, Informix,

  Reference #: 4115-1185                                          

Julie O'Connell                                                  
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4930 West 77th Street, Suite 300                                  
Minneapolis, MN  55435                                            
Phone: (612) 831-6444 ext                                        
FAX: (612) 835-2883                                              


1. How to implement client-server server-client IDL/Application ?


This is my current design:

+ the client sends an asynchronous call to the server: QueryRequest()
+ the server needs to send multiple data (QueryResponse) to the client.

Do I need to create two separate IDLs, one where the client (A) sends a
QueryRequest to the server (B) and one where the client (B) sends
multiple QueryResponse() to the server (B).

As I don't have any experience with CORBA, I don't know what is the
right path yet.

Can you help ?


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