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Form Converter

Post by Dave Wri » Wed, 10 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Cornerstone Consulting a leading client/server service provider is
developing a utility that will take existing applications written in
PowerBuilder, Visual Basic, and Delphi and convert them to HTML/Java

We are currently looking for market interest and potential beta sites.
If you are interested in participating in the beta, please email us at


Cornerstone Consulting


1. No FS98 converter on MS FS converter page ?

I missed initial release of the FS98 converter becuase
MS did not place it on their page specifically for the

Maybe it would be a good idea to place the converter on the
converter page instead on on the sideline of the news page.

The Converter Download page still says the FS98 converter is
coming soon.

I had a bookmark to this page for about two months waiting
to for converter to be released only to find it was never posted
here but instead in a less obvious place.

For those who don't read the newgroups, finding the converter may
be more of a challenge than it should be.

MS, please update this.


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Dept. of Information & Computer Sciences  fax       (808) 956 9399
2565 The Mall, Keller 304A              

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