2-tier vs 3-tier architecture

2-tier vs 3-tier architecture

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        Anyone with materials on the above or any sites that I should
look into in regards to finding out more? I have a copy of the c/s FAQ
but rather brief...need something that has greater detail. Please help!

1. CS/TP Performance: 3-tier vs 2-Tier?

Where can I find solid PROOF that 3-tier CS/TP apps have superior performance?

All indications are that Client/Server OLTP applications built using a "3-tier"
architecture scale significantly better than "2-tier" applications.  When the
number of users is 100's or 1000's 2-tier apps will "hit the wall" but 3-tier
apps will keep on going.  We know this from the standpoint of systems arch.
and *limited* internal benchmarks.  But we'd like to be able to pin it down.

Can anyone help me find proof, in the form of:

    1. Benchmark results
    2. Documented real-world experience / war stories
    3. Anecdotal evidence (as a last resort)

This is very important to my company.  Requests for anonymity will be
respected.  All help greatly appreciated!


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