Blob and Clob Informix datatypes not supported in Delphi?

Blob and Clob Informix datatypes not supported in Delphi?

Post by Rafael Padil » Sat, 25 Aug 2001 06:24:43

I'd like to use CLOB ANS BLOB data types that
are defined in INFORMIX, but they are not supported
by BDE.

Is there any change to sopport them?



1. proc sql, Oracle and Clob datatypes

I am trying to reading data from an Oracle table that has field define as a
Oracle datatype.  The SAS procedure I've tried is proc sql with the
following code:

proc sql;
         connect to oracle (user="profile_user" orapw=XXXXXXXXX     p
         create table work.collg as
         select * from connection to oracle (select educational_experiences
             from agc_sm_colleague2);

I am unable to do this successfully and get the following errors:

ERROR: Oracle DESCRIBE Error: ORA-03115: unsupported network datatype or

Any suggestions,
-- Lisa

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