US-CA-SJ Client-Server Developer Needed

US-CA-SJ Client-Server Developer Needed

Post by Rick He » Sun, 09 Jun 1996 04:00:00

I am looking for a highly motivated individual who can manage the
technical responsibilities of a start-up company focused on resolving
work-flow issues via packaged software.  Must have demonstrated
expertise in developing OLAP, OLTP, and client-server Internet/Intranet
applications.  Please submit resume via e-mail.


1. US-CA-Orange County Client Server Developer 3rd Party Recruiter

US-CA-Orange County   Client Server Developer  3rd Party Recruiter

Looking for a Mid Level Software Engineer to develop applications for a major project in the
Banking Industry.

Must have3+ years experience in Client Server software development. Expertise in NT SQL
Server, PowerBuilder and Client Server architecture.

Salary $45K - $55K dependent upon experience.

Please submit resume refering to Job # 1154Z to:

Ray Shoemake
Tel  714-852-0530
Fax 714-851-8465

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