Web/Database integration - beta sites wanted

Web/Database integration - beta sites wanted

Post by Chris McIntos » Wed, 07 Aug 1996 04:00:00

NetScheme Solutions beta version 1.1 of the InterMart Toolkit is now
available with support for Windows95 (as well as Windows NT). With our
GUI tools and object-oriented data modeling technology, we make it easy
to develop applications for accessing relational DBMS data from your
web browser...with absolutely no SQL programming!

The beta software is available immediately on the Web for downloading
after completing the registration form. This form can be found at

Visit our home page at www.netscheme.com for additional info about the
company and product, and try our online demo to see what it's all

System Requirements:

A Web server which runs on Windows 95, or Windows NT (Workstation or
Server). Your web server must also be set up to run CGI programs.
(NSAPI and ISAPI are also now supported). The software has been tested
with O'Reilly Website, Netscape Enterprise Server and Microsoft IIS.

The Modeler requires a system running Windows 95 or Windows NT, 16 MB
RAM, 20 MB disk space, and an ODBC compliant driver with database

The Navigation Server requires Windows 95 or Windows NT (Workstation or
Server), 16 MB RAM, 20 MB disk space, a Web server running on Windows
NT or 95,  and an ODBC compliant driver with database access.

The InterMart Toolkit includes the NetScheme Modeler, the Navigation
Server, and the NetScheme ODBC driver.

Thanks for your interest!


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Hi ...  I am looking to set up a web site that has forms on it so that
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        If I am using Access as the data base and SQL server as the
server , what are the basic steps i have to go through.
        I know how to set up an html form, but then what do i do to
get the data to be stored in the database... hmm im not sure....i mean i
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me to
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        daniel s.

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