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hi does anybody have the blxclp53.lib for blinker 510a i trashed my if so please send me a copy of the library

thank you
dave palmer


1. Where is blinker ?


I ordered blinker on for full version on Friday, Sep.
28,2002. I got automated invoice on my mail account immediatley. It
was to be shipped to India including Fed-ex shipping charges $50 plus
the cost of blinker ver 6.0 $295. I did not get any response after
that for my repeated emails. Whether the compay is working or not ?
How to contact them ? If any of you are aware of the owner and his
email address ? I was inspired to purchase blinker by discussions on
this usergroup.

Any help will be appreciated. If anybody is having blinker 5.1 and
above and is interested in selling it, please contact me.

Thank you,


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