Column with in Multiple Selection

Column with in Multiple Selection

Post by AndrĂ© Cauwel » Wed, 16 Oct 2002 04:52:46


I'm still working with VO 2.0 ...
In a listbox with multiple columns (and multiple selection) the with of one
column seems to be a standard with.
How can I narrow it down or give it my own with per column ? ...


Andr Cauwels


1. using the selection from a multiple selection list box

Hi there

I have a list box in an AF application that enables users to select one or
more items (say up to 3).  I wish to use these selected items in my SCL to
be part of a proc tabulate.  Could someone please tell me how to reference
these items - I suspect that I need to create a list to handle them, but is
there a particular line of text such as

def=lbox1.selecteditem2;  ???

Any help greatly appreciated,




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