Clipping region below a tab page

Clipping region below a tab page

Post by Jean-Marie Berthiaum » Sun, 12 Mar 2000 04:00:00

Another message without answer. Maybe someone get an idea since.

When I click the tab of a page which as already focus in a tab
control, this is creating a white clipping region at the bottom (i.e.
the page go up about 3 pixels).

Anyone knows why or how to correct it?

Jean-Marie Berthiaume
Montreal, Quebec

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Clipping region below a tab page

Post by Greg Garz » Sun, 12 Mar 2000 04:00:00


Although I haven't experienced this with tab pages, I have seen this
behavior when placing #FormView datawindows within parent datawindows.
Here's a guess.  Try decreasing the height of the datawindow that is
displayed in your tab control by a few pixels.



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I tried to prevent the selection of another Tab page, if the
validation of the current page is not successful. I did the following:

METHOD Dispatch(oEvent) CLASS TabControlK
        LOCAL nIndex      AS INT
        LOCAL nRet                AS LONG
        LOCAL lValid      AS LOGI

        IF oEvent:Message==WM_LBUTTONDOWN

                IF !(nIndex==-1)
                        lValid := SELF:CurrentPage:ValidFunc()

        IF lValid
                nRet := SUPER:Dispatch(oEvent)


Even if the lValid is false, the Tab is changed.

Kind regards


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