Another clipping region

Another clipping region

Post by Jean-Marie Berthiaum » Tue, 07 Mar 2000 04:00:00

When I click on a tab of the page already in focus in a tab control,
the page go up and this is creating a clip region (about 3 pixels of
white space) at the bottom just over the border. Anyone with the same

Jean-Marie Berthiaume
Montreal, Quebec

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1. If only VueScan could identify clipped regions...

There's just one more thing I wish I could do with VueScan - or perhaps it's
there, and I've missed it...

One of the really cool things that PhotoShop lets you do with the Levels
command, is to move the input sliders, while pressing Alt/Option. This lets
you see just what will be lost if you clip the levels at any particular

I know that in principal, I can look at the numbers displayed in the info
bar as I move the cursor over bits that I think might be affected by a
levels tweak - but the way PhotoShop does it is a lot more intuitive.

I've been surprised by the number of times that I've looked at the preview
histogram, and decided that there was nothing of consequence in the
highlights or shadows - only to discover, too late, that there was an area
that wasn't very big, but it was important enough to preserve the details in

I don't know if VueScan adjusts the exposure in my Canon FS4000US to
optimise the dynamic range that I set with the black & white clipping
levels - or if I might as well leave them at 0% clipping, and tweak the
high-bit file in PhotoShop.



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