Real-time / process control bench marks

Real-time / process control bench marks

Post by Martin Visse » Wed, 16 Mar 1994 10:26:53


As part of a in-house automation technology plan  we are intending to
evaluate prospective platforms ( probably UNIX based) for the process
control environment ( Level 3 in the ISO CIM hierarchy). ( We currently
use PDP11,VAX 11/xx 4xxx, Honewell DPS6, SGI IRIS, GEC 4xxx in these
situations).  To do this objectively we are intending to develop some
bench mark tools that could evaluate the suitably of the platform for
things like real-time task scheduling, data logging, setup calculations,
I/O throughput, operator interface etc. Is there any existing code
available that might help us test these subsystems? Preferably it should
use standard POSIX 1003.1 / SYSV/ BSD  / X11 type stuff to make it
portable, but we are keen on testing against 1003.4 compliant systems as

Regards, Martin
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