PR: Real-Time Web Pages for Process Monitoring & Control

PR: Real-Time Web Pages for Process Monitoring & Control

Post by Robert G. McCu » Tue, 09 Jun 1998 04:00:00

Real-Time Web Pages for Industrial Applications

ELSID Software Systems LTD. of Nepean, Ontario is pleased to
introduce a new service called Industrial Intranets.  This new and
unique service provides design and implementation assistance to
companies in creating real-time web pages for use on their
corporate intranets and the World Wide Web.

Currently, web pages used in corporate intranets and on the World
Wide Web can  only display static historical data.  Industrial
Intranets uses the new Java programming language and the existing
client / server properties in the internet to produce web pages that
can continuously monitor and control a process.

Using Industrial Intranets assistsnce, your SCADA system will no
longer be restricted to one or two computers on your network.  
Industrial Intranets components enable your SCADA system to be
accessed from any computer on your network running a Java-
capable browser such as Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator and

Industrial Intranets web pages are made up of standard process
control and monitoring instruments such as dials, switches and strip
charts.  Other available elements include a complete library of
ISA drawing components and a full range of quality analysis charts
such as X-Bar-R, X-Moving Range, Histogram and Pareto.

Industrial Intranets uses a two part security system to maintain the
integrity of web pages designed to control processes.  The first
level of security restricts assess to a control client.  This is done
with a user name & password combination or a numeric code key.  
The second level of security involves the encoding of all control
requests sent to the host system from the web page client.

For more information, please visit our web site at

phone (613)823-7173, fax (613)823-7261.

ELSID Software Systems LTD.
900 Greenbank Road, Suite 207
Nepean, Ontario
Canada, K2J 1S8


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