EmbeddedWatch.com weekly newsletter

EmbeddedWatch.com weekly newsletter

Post by EmbeddedWatch.co » Sat, 28 Jun 2003 05:13:32

The following headlines on the new, independent iAppliance analysis site:


1) Studio .NET needs helps for Pocket 2003 apps

2) Stallman calls Linux suit "smear campaign"

3) Microsoft rolls out PocketPC 2003 OS, SDK

4) "Digital Home" plan is media-rights play:
Intel-led effort is DRM in disguise

5) World-beater 3D graphics IC due at HotChips

6) Embedded Linux OS project pulls plug

7) Wind River prexy quits

8) Torvalds signs on full-time for Linux

9) 'Digital Home' group launches DRM drive

10) Sony pulls back from CDMA

11) Verizon sites WiFi in payphones

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1. EmbeddedWatch.com weekly newsletter

The following headlines and more on the new, independent iAppliance analysis


1) Games go wireless with graphics API

2) PocketPC getting 2003 upgrade

3) Sun juices Java for Intel's Xscale

4) Microsoft unveils cable TV platform

5) .NET does Dallas

(Why so few hedlines? Because we don't aggregate; we do original reporting.)
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