Position available (Cambridge Mass)

Position available (Cambridge Mass)

Post by Michael C Tiern » Sat, 29 Oct 1994 21:43:07

        VenturCom is a small, established leader in embedded
        Real-Time UNIX for data acquisition and control applications.

                        Senior Technical Support Engineer
        We are looking for a technical problem solver to provide
        post-sales support to our sophisticated customer base.  This
        challenging position requires UNIX SVR4.2 experience, knowledge
        of C, good communications skills and a BS in Computer Science.

        Please send, via US-Mail; E-Mail; or FAX, your resume to:
                Director of Human Resources
                VenturCom Inc.
                215 First St.
                Cambridge, MA. 02142.
                FAX: (617) 577-1607


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Tech Specialists of Waltham, MASS is looking for
Programmers/Developers with Powerbuilder experience.  If interested in
contract or permanent work in this field, please forward resume to:

Fax: 617-674-2360  ATTN: Pam Morrison

U.S. Mail:

        Tech Specialists
        Department I
        Attn:  Pam Morrison
        470 Totten Pond Road
        Waltham, MA 02154

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