PTR: Free IEEE-695 Conformance Tools from Hewlett-Packard

PTR: Free IEEE-695 Conformance Tools from Hewlett-Packard

Post by Tim Chambe » Sun, 05 Sep 1993 05:44:13

Please see my posting in comp.newprod for details on the availability of a
package of software tools for language system developers to use to check
adherence to the IEEE-695 file format specification and to check compatibility
of the language system's file format with Hewlett-Packard embedded debug



1. Need info on IEEE-695 format & CASE Tools


1. Does anyone know where I can get the details of IEEE-695 file format
   (linker output)? (I am trying to get it from IEEE, till then ...).

2. Any suggestions for CASE Tools for Microsoft Windows 3.1
        Minimum Requirements:
                a) SA/SD with Real-Time extensions, preferably Pirbhai/Hatley
                b) Decent Data Dictionary support

        Looser Requirements:
                a) OOA/OOD, preferably Booch Method

Thanks in advance,


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