Announce: Ada Distilled

Announce: Ada Distilled

Post by Richard Riehl » Wed, 06 Aug 2003 10:58:14

A July 27 2003 version of Ada Distilled is now
available at  There is a PDF
of the book and a ZIP file of the source file for the
programs in the book.

This is freeware.  You may download it.  Share it
with others.  Whatever.    Size:  ~ 100 pages.

Hope it is useful for anyone who wants to learn a little
more about Ada.

Richard Riehle


1. Announce: Ada Distilled - Update

There is an updated version of the little booklet, Ada Distilled, in
PDF format available for free download at:


It is my intention to continue to refine and update this
little booklet on Ada for as long as there is continued
interest.   My thanks to the many users who have sent
me suggestions and appreciation over the past year.  I am
trying to keep Ada Distilled short and simple so it can be used by
any programmer experienced in some other language
as a quick start into the Ada language.

Richard Riehle

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