SA98 In-Circuit Emulator

SA98 In-Circuit Emulator

Post by NFaga » Thu, 31 Jul 2003 08:32:37

I'm trying to find a copy of  the PC software used with a Sophia Systems
SA98 emulator. Any help would be appreciated. The manufacturer is no help,
this emulator hasn't been sold in a decade.

N. Fagan


1. In-Circuit Emulator for 68EC000

Have any of you used in-circuit emulators from a company called
Huntsville Microsystems? We're looking at buying one of their emulators
for our project (68EC000 based), and would appreciate any info that any
of you could provide.

Or maybe you have another company's to recommend? As mentioned above, we're
using the 68EC000, at 8 MHz; GNU tools running on Sun Sparcstations; looking
for an Ethernet-interfaced emulator, with C source-level debugger running
on the Sun (though a good, cost-effective PC-Windows based system isn't
out of the question).


Erik Teose

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